Sunday, June 26, 2005


Just read Michael Yue's entry. I must say I find it difficult to believe that one can glean anything of introspective interest from this blogs last few entries.

I feel I'm getting more incoherent in my effort to make the blog more of interest to people. This is not an "oh-let's-see-what-I-did-today" blog. Rather its a "hmm-I-seem-to-have-a-muse-or-something-to-write" blog. Not even a blog in sooth.

I dislike tempura. Much as I dislike fish and chips. Same reason. Ironically I used to like fish and chips. A lot.

What caught my eye was the self-introspection. The question of losing your consciousness, your self, after death. It is scary. The only thing one can do is to push the awful truth away to the unconscious. I've thought about it many times. An eternal stream of oblivion, stretching out unto eternity. Like the incorporeality of the past.

Never think, feel, touch. Again. Can it be?

I wish I did believe in Heaven, sometimes. Instead of grasping at the question of life, finding no answers to questions whose answers are never tangible. But I cannot help it. I'm sort of an empiricist.

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