Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Minor Tale

The Executor is silent as it slides through the fringes of the Hoth system. Not to say that a well-placed observer, situated a mere few metres from the hull of the enormous black vessel, would actually hear anything out of the ordinary, or for that matter, anything at all, except the irritated gruntings of the shift boss reverberating through his helmet.

For that matter, let us assume that the case of the well-placed observer is not merely a conveniently invented plot device or some such affectation. Let us assume, for the moment, that he is in fact a character in this little story. This moment is going to last the time from when you read this till the time you finish reading this tale.

So, let us get back to the case of the rather conveniently placed observer. What is he doing, you ask. This conveniently placed observer is in fact, a member of an elite corps of stormtroopers specially trained to handle space combat situations, campaigns on deserted asteroids, for instance, where there is not a slug to be found. The elite cadre of the Emperor's stormtroopers are specially selected for their Dexterity, Strength and Constitution. They are the most hardy of Soldiers, adept at the precise aiming of blasters in weightless space, able to wield melee weapons with ease, and a long but certainly not exhaustive list of other impressive skills that can be found in the ever-informative Handbook of the Various Stormtrooper Classes Found with the Ranks of the Galactic Empire, also referred to enigmatically as the Rulebook.

Ah, the Galactic Empire. Under the efficient and stable rule of the Emperor, the New Order has brought an era of Peace, Justice and Prosperity to the million happy member worlds of this great civilization. Ask any upstanding citizen of our ilk, his impressions of life in general, and he will answer contentedly of the boons the peaceful reign of the New Order has brought to his family and the aids it has brought to his undertakings. From Coruscant to the furthest reaches of the Outer rim trumpets call out in celebration of the happy rule that the Empire has brought to the citizens of the galaxy.

Back to the conveniently placed observer. What is he doing, you may ask. Why, he merely performs the tasks that any upstanding member of the elite cadres of Stormtroopers will happily undertake when told to do so by his superior officer. Only with unquestioning loyalty and devotion to the principles of Peace, Justice and Order can these Stormtroopers uphold the pillars that support the New Order. Only with these qualities can he become a bringer of the fruits of the reign of the Emperor, to worlds not yet touched by the prosperity the Empire has to offer to its citizens.

Behold, fellow citizens. For the conveniently placed observer is a hero, along with his comrades. For he upholds the principles of Peace, Justice and Order that are the basis of the New Order, which has brought happiness to the million member worlds of the Galactic Empire. Look how he stands, performing his assigned tasks, as if a hope and confidence has been infused into his soul, for he knows that whatever task he may endeavor to take in the name of the Galactic Empire brings civilization one step further to attaining Peace, Justice and Prosperity for posterity.

So, the Executor launches thousands of shuttles and transports. as the nearby Star Destroyers move into position around the icy planet Hoth. Green fury begins as the Star Destroyers deliver the fruits of Peace, Justice and Order to the ignorant, beleaguered rejectors of the prosperity and justice of the New Order. The conveniently placed observer watches through the thick transparisteel as Justice is delivered to an errant officer whose stupidity cost the lives of devoted men who uphold the New Order and the fruits of its rule.

Lord Vader takes a look at the Stormtrooper, who continues with his assigned task. A silent salute. Moments later, the conveniently placed observer receives an irritated summons from the crew boss. His schedule has been ended early.

Below, above the icy planet, streaks of silver fire blind the stark skies.

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