Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Brief Rant

Why do Sith have British accents all the time? And why is Sion Scottish?

Such questions are the stuff of temporal meaning. The significance of the mole on the right cheek as compared to a stray hair on the underside of your chin.

Fish. Dolphins. It's the dolphins. Dolphins are not fish. It's a conspiracy. A conspiracy, I tell you. Wittgenstein, would it that we had a complete report out of your green-brown dossier!

Why do we have misconceptions about everything? Because the important stuff just isn't stressed out enough. That's it.

Dolphins are not fish, we aren't descended from apes, we are apes. And Michael Jackson Does Not Play In the NBA. And, for God's sake, Lucas, Venus is not a gas planet. Anymore than Earth is. I doubt Yao Ming's ever reported news in front of a camera crew too.

The ISS may be a white elephant. Congress may be narrow minded. And Norman Foster doesn't have a clue about non-glass and metal facades.

And we don't outlaw gum. Never did.

I tell you, the Super-class SD is 14km long. That should be a reasonable estimate.

A degree of separation is six.

[ADD-ON] Well, I didn't want to start a new post, so there.

I think I'm really going to do it. Write that KOTOR story. Just monitoring psychological patterns...

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