Thursday, June 23, 2005

From the Ashes

"The Republic has ever endured. For more than twenty thousand years it has brought civilization to the galaxy, ever in league with the Jedi Order. It has withstood every trial, every tribulation; from the Great Jedi Schism, the Great Hyperspace War, the machinations of Exar Kun, to the Mandalorians; and it will withstand the resurgent Sith of the present day.
With the redemption of the Jedi Revan and the destruction of the Star Forge, the end to this destructive conflict is closer than ever. Darth Malak is dead, Saul Karath nothing more than a mote of vapourized matter floating in the ruins of the
Leviathan. Revan has told me that most of the Dark Jedi have been killed, many by his own hand. The Sith are in disarray after the deaths of their leaders, the annihilation of their war machine, and the crippling or their navy at the Battle of the Star Forge. They have fragmented; wayward, disparate factions fighting among themselves for a piece of the disentegrating colossus. They pose little threat to us now.
It has been sixteen months since the destuction of the Star Forge, and the Republic Navy, under the command of Admiral Dodonna, has made great strides in recapturing lost territory. I'm told that Admiral Kardan of the Sith Second Fleet is dead. Thule and Arkania have been liberated. The Perlemian Trade Route will soon be free of Sith domination.
General, your worries about this supposed emergent Sith Lord are quite baseless. He cannot possibly pose any sort of threat against us. He will lack the ships, the men, the equipment, to be able to make any sort of headway against us. The Republic may be weak now, but it is recovering its military strength, taking the oppurtunity of this reprieve to build up our forces. Your Sith Lord will be taken care of. This Nihlius seems to have no strategy whatsoever. He hasn't made much of a move against us, infighting with the rest of his brood. They will destroy one another. It's their way, as Revan told me. Without a strong leader the Sith cannot hope to survive. And Nihlius hardly strikes me as capable.
Another matter, General. Revan's been acting disturbed, lately. He says he has dreams. One moment he's walking beside me and the next he's kneeling on the floor, gasping. He claims he's been regaining some of his memories. I want you to keep an eye on him, General. Just be very careful of what he does.
I'm not taking any chances, even though he's my friend. The man he is can be trusted. The man he was..."

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