Saturday, July 09, 2005

Simply Irritation

Really. I mean, really.

After looking at some sites, mostly religous ones, preaching the detrimental natures of books like Harry Potter and Dan Brown - what in God's name is wrong with these people? Do they really believe kids all around the world will join Satanic cults or try to play as witches after reading Harry Potter? Will people really depart Christianity in droves because of some halfwit theory posted in a work of fiction?

The ludicrous claims of the supposedly ordained are shouts in the face of order temselves - creating awareness of nonexistent social ills that will emerge with the same vein as these declarations themselves - rebels will join these ills precisely because of the hoo-ha riled up by these petty condemnations - not because of the books themselves.

Don't waste your time. Use your energies for positive things, not kicking up a storm over some minor doctrinal incompatibility. Do you think the witch burnings of the middle ages actually involved the executions of real witches? Was Joan of Arc a witch or a heroine?

We might as well ban fantasy, ban science fiction, and go back to the modes of the Inquisition. So much for freedom of expression.

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