Sunday, July 31, 2005

Et Cetrum

Sorry for the title. I couldn't think of one more lofty sounding or with even a certain amount of sense in it on such short notice.

To the point. With reference to Shivana's blog, I would like to point out that Greek theatre doesn't have to be a tragedy all the time, and that Greek heroes are not strictly necessary for all Greek Plays, that the Birds is not by any means a tragedy, that it is a comedy written for the enjoyment of some half-drunk horse lords out of the Corinth, and that yes, the original play does end with the purple guy's eventual conquest of the planet. See

But I agree with all reviews I've seen so far. Too much (bad) music; the two Athenian dudes can act, but don't. Like Ben Chia said, they fail oratical-wise, and Alpha Bird (the blue one) can't sing. The play's been twisted to such a farce that it's frankly impossible that anything of academic significance could be gleaned from it. There go our essays.

Future note to aspiring playwrights: When making a play, the surest indication that it's going to fail is when you reach a point where your play contains four feather-clad clowns belching out military secrets to the tune of Imperial March in the centre of the stage. And doing the hantakaki or whatchamaspellit the whole time.

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