Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Half-Blood Prince

Ever since I became the witting guinea pig in one of nova's irascible experiments my life has been affected seriously. The coming of the Joiner King no longer seems such a sweetly anticipatory event; and I shall be making unwarranted incursions into the young-adults section of Kinokuniya, Takashimya.

The Half-Blood Prince seems like one of those Lucas blockbuster titles; laughable from the outside, less so from exposure to its meaning. Bloodthirsty brainwashed clones aside, this HP book is the sixth in what seems to be set to transform into the Hogwarts septet/saga, notwithstanding post-graduation volumes on Lord Wormtail or Percy the Secret Animagus.

Voldemort's such a figure Rowling'll be rather hard-pressed coming up with a new, better villian. Perhaps thats what she intends. Anyway, HBP might have been good, but its just skewed. They have to copy.

HBP also has the dubious merit to be the first HP book not to have a central microplot. Barring certain events, it seems HBP and 7 are set to be two halves of one concluding whizzbang to the Harry Potter septet/saga. It is a bridge, a substanceless recounting (other than That) of how Harry spent his sixth year. And its strangely empty, cold. Dark.

Nova shall do a more comprehensive review. Down with Snape.

Rowling, write fast.

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