Thursday, November 09, 2006


I am fraught with a kind of distant despair at the sheer number of books out there that are worthy to be read and to possess. It is, however, futile to even consider obtaining even a tiny fraction of these books, yet alone the total corpus of worthies that are the combined output of human genius and hard work.

Still, I am probably going on a large scale procurement of books soon. I shall procure all the English A1 texts, for starters. Then, the Fencer and Scavenger trilogies by KJ Parker, Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, either the Assassins or Liveship Traders trilogies by Robin Hobb, some Iain M Banks novels including The Algebraist, Ken McLeod's Learning the World, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Yevgenev Zamyatin's We (EE texts), and a Star Wars novel (Path of Destruction), and then consider the difficulty of finding space on the bookshelf to place all these books. As well as bemoaning the large hole in the pocket. These books should last me three months, enough for the holidays. I might try Drawing of the Dark and the Gormenghast trilogy, based on rave reviews picked up on the Hierophant's blog.

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