Saturday, November 18, 2006

More More Books

Yesterday, I visited Parkway Parade and on a whim added two venerable novels into my stack of unread books - Pride and Prejudice and Don Quixote. This transaction was carried out duly and cost me a ten, which was outrageously funny. Pride compels me to deny categorically that the purchase was driven at all by monetary concerns; honesty compels me otherwise, and thus, without explicitly revealing the victor of this internal struggle, have I (paradoxically) done so.

The conclusion of Memory is deliciously symmetrical. Poldarn's story has come full circle and his terrible task is complete. The revelation of his identity was also another clever twist, although I'd already guessed it from the first book (and was misled by an alibi, three red herrings and a volcanic island). It's truly one of those head-bashing moments that come with the inevitability of a revelation, one that's so subtle and yet so blatant at the same time.

Lord of Light is fundamentally ironic. Something I realized today.

I've started on Robin Hobb's book. It's painstakingly written and enormously descriptive; her diction is formal, her characters stylized fantasy stereotypes, her plot and setting rather Eddings. This only applies to the first 10 pages, though, and it is by no means boring, but after reading the gritty realities of the Scavenger Trilogy, the stylized epic form here is a little jarring.


noseonastick said...

why is it fundamentally ironic?

oh. and i promote:

I hope you'll be a caper too! =) Just contact me at if you're interested. (uh, I am doing before asking Mr T, so uh...haha, I'm not really sure if I got authority...tentatively first lah har?)

The Arbiter said...

So capers is the official name?

~autolycus said...

Lord of Light is indeed beautifully ironic. It's all about how power corrupts and how such corruption can be resisted, often with daring and great humour. It's very much the same message that resounds through most of Jack Vance's work.

~autolycus said...
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