Friday, January 13, 2006

Puissance du Côté en Noir

(Yes, yes, the title is straight from Babelfish.)

Far from lucidity, his thoughts roam down dark paths well-grooved. Diminutive, he rises, cloak silent fabric on cold metal underfoot, and fingers the dangerous silver rod at his side.

Abandoned of the light, Darth Malak, purveyor of destruction! He was power incarnate, and the weak fools he had left behind be damned to the depths of the Force! I sold my soul to the Dark Side on the behest of him whom I betrayed. And he felt the righteous power of his satisfaction. Conscience no longer held any particular meaning for him. Conscience was a form of weakness, to be purged. He had been reborn, a blade tempered in blood of a billion slaves of his Empire. Only fools spared those who were naked to their power. THe one he had betrayed was one of those fools. And for that he had died, when Malak judged himself the stronger.

They had restrained him, blind to his potential! They had limited him, in the knowledge of their inferiority! His old self, that meek self, the soul that he had been had been erased in fires of destruction. No longer the humble, accepting cretin of the past, but scion of the future he held in his fist. For now, he was pledged to the Dark Side!

For his chemicals roam the neural pathways of them! The sacred molecule of his partaking, his tool to crush all opposition! For he forces them to work for his Empire, forging new monoliths for his blood hunger! And such is their labour, for they lack sleep and are driven on by the terrible fluids he forces down their throats to keep their muscles moving, their labours unending, their end torment! Bitter is his tool, and the deceptive trails of fragrance a trap for the ignorant and the unwary.

No longer need he rave at the injudicious use of his true name! For the weak fools addressed him now thus, in his power and splendor. He had forced it down their throats, mocking their stupidity. Malak! Malak! Malak! How he had grated at hearing the wrongness! And now, he had taken his revenge!

Applying himself in full study of the dark arts, he rises! All the world will tremble at his nova of power! Soon, he will be the most terrible Dark Lord of the Sith Earth has ever seen!


Mythical said...

It's always interesting to try and figure out what people put into Babelfish in order to get the odd results they inevitably obtain every now and then. I am guessing: "Power of the Dark Side"?

The Arbiter said...


The Fascist said...

"Power on the Side in Black" if you do a double translation...