Friday, October 14, 2005

*Hops Onto the Bandwagon*

{Blog admin would like to remind Kevin that CAPITALS play an important role in good English. Thank you.}

I've noticed that Karan and Colin have posted about their emancipations. Therefore I'll post about mine too !

The End Of The Examinations. A Narrative.


*dramatic hoeshua-style matrix quote*
Confucius he say~! Every beginning must have an end.

The most significant, memorable, and unexpected event of this bout of examinations actually occured AFTER the papers themselves. Due to unfortunates (such as karan) who had to make up for exams they skipped (in favour of the infinitely more torturous hindi o levels), and the various geologists-to-be, we had to be herded around like a...herd of docile, grass munching bovines, to ease the return of desks to the classrooms.

I will never forget standing behind my desk (i was in row three) , at the direction of that great conductor, Mr Chew, watching as my comrades in arms passed, one by one or in groups of five or so, from the gep side to side. Anyhow, this created an adverse psychological effect, akin to the old soviet commisar scare tactic of executing every other poor conscript to "encourage" the rest. except that in this case, the "rest" would consist of no more than five people (come to think of it, it was more like lining up for the gas chamber). Or perhaps sending cows to the slaughter! or was that sheep. nevermind.

Okay, bad analogies aside, the meatshields in front of me disappeared slowly but surely, like a poor guard unit facing the awful wrath of the tyranids. Before i knew it, i was first in line, quivering in my boots (probably more because of the fact that the auditorium was, as always, cold as hell (or heaven, since its got to be cold so high up there) than any fear i may have painted so far).

It was at this moment that Conductor Chew wrenched his jaws apart to pronounce my sentence. "All the rest of you are free to leave, your work will be done by 4.13". Like.. What? Confused glances were exchanged between the survivors, before reality dawned on us, and we smugly strutted out of the auditorium, providing encouraging kicks for the serfs as they carried our desks for us.

Anyway, as josh put it, we're "1= 12 3 3!". (This translates roughly into Merdeka for all you un133t speakers).

So, back to Liberation. Sudden, sweet liberation. we've deposed that dictator on stage at last! (haha hi mr chew). No oil wells here though



To my great consternation, however, we ended up having to wait for everyone else, including the 4.9ers, since we had planned an outing with them. damn you, poetic justice! *shakes fist*


Mythical said...

Ve are nutthink if not thorough. Ve are professional diktators.

Nova said...


We have indeed deposed der didactic dictator at last. *grins*

Mythical said...

Famed West Point joke about cavalry tactics: "De horse jumped over defence; defeat came first and then detail." I think it dates back to the late 1800s.

toitle said...

rawfl what a punny joke

Nova said...


Indeed very punny.

Mythical said...

CAPTIALS???? what are those? I guess they are even worse than the CAPTAILS I saw some people recommending.

toitle said...

LOL dont you just love the blog admin

Nova said...

Your friendly, intelligent blog admin will be more than happy to attend to your complaints.

Within five working days. Duly noted.

(Colin needs to make less typos. Hahaha!)

The Arbiter said...

Blog admin makes mental note to himself.

The Arbiter said...

I must admit its a neat little piece of poetic justice.

toitle said...

harhar, good one colinear. and dont you think its rather sad that half the time WE are commenting on our own posts. lawl.

Nova said...

Don't discount the wondeful spambots either.

The Arbiter said...

at least we rack up high comment scores, which is more than can be said for some.