Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dreaming Spires

I have always wondered at their wizardy. Of how a mundane collection of pixels can be transmuted into a world. Would it be that I stood on that platform, encircled by chrome and the noise of passing aircars. Would it be that the cool air of a metropolitan world brushed past my face, billowing out the indigo cloaks of masked sentinels. That the orange-cyan sky with its thousand blinking points of diamond brilliance would envelop the currents of day, submerging it into the flashing, complex brilliance of a night that never truly sleeps.

They speak out to me. And it is but a clear resonance from the depths of a cultural mythos, of the innate desire of the soul to be transported to a land beyond the plodding currents of drudgery. Gazing up at the silver-blue spires of the imagination, one cannot help but wonder, if it is possible that such a thing would come to pass. Would the present day cities one day emerge as ripening flowers to feel the warmth of the yellow sun on polished chrome? Would the understated elegance of future sophisticates one day take the world by storm, becoming the monuments of modernity?

On an unrelated note, John Williams did well for the prequel trilogy except for episode II's score, which, save for Across the Stars, was terrible. Also, as I forgot to mention, the pacing of ROTS feels much like TTT's (The Two Towers), fast, dynamic, but a tad too hasty. In fact, ROTS feels almost identical to TTT, even down to the artsy symbolism and the epic cinematography. Kudos to Jackson. And Stoppard. And probably Spielberg.

I heard WETA is doing Narnia. Have to check those books out for myself. The only thing that puts me off is that Tolkien didn't exactly like Lewi's work. Perfectionist.

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