Friday, May 27, 2005

Bleak Resonances

And so the first murmurings rise forth from the common fold. A bleak cast settles over the noontime sky, a lazy tyrant's hand. But the shafts of semi-coherent light that punch through the clouds, God's palette, are ever more the stronger for their sheer penetration.

That was a description of the weather, by the way.

So it comes to this. A first try in an ever-increasingly popular fad. But what will this entail? Nothing more than an expulsion of thought that will presumably calm the mind and fill the endless hours. Some inane analogies come to mind: A balloon, deflated. Fingers on the red button, red telephones ringing, the sounds of the heavy tank treads of Apocalypses nearby, only to realize that it is nothing more than a thing of cooperation in cooperative conflict. A palpable release of tension, a pouring of thoughts. Perhaps it does work, as I have heard. Or maybe not.

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