Saturday, September 03, 2005

Housing in Development

Decomposition, you moribund source of
Composites. Now defunct impresario
Palls of holly decked with festive cheer. Cough
Up your secrets where phlegm cannot follow

“No, really, you may stay, with your flagelle
I insist on tumescent jugulars”
Queerly! Five fathoms down is the Gazelle
On tenterhooks with twenty Regulars

Lapis lazuli, vacuum packed diamond
Next door is one in a brick enclosure
Upgrading his stay. I believe a frond
Would never be unparallel or sure

It’s cracked, how honeycombs do misconstrue
Silly saccharine upon sick fondue

My first attempt at poetry after that haiku :) I'll work on being less bombastic/cryptic

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