Wednesday, August 03, 2005


A golden day morning soothes the soul. A brilliant blue sky beckons; wind teases, dancing the curtains into messy piles, and freedom for a free day calls. The refulgent sun in the dawning empyrean glory sits comfortably in a perch on the clouds, spreading its mirth upon all life, casting hope into impoverished caverns, bringing light to the world. It's so beautiful, so sublime in its sheer capacity to inspire hope, that I could reach out with a finger and stroke the edges of this bubble of imagination, and the barriers would dissolve and cast me upon that bright vistas of my mind.

Sit outside and feel the cartharsis of sunlight and the healing touch of air upon your face. Hear the distant whispers of itinerant tides sending their gentle rhythms through the oceans. See the vast humbling sky that yawns turquiose-blue across heaven's vault, and the sequestered calls of seabirds circling, wild and free in their vast domain. Perch on the precipice of feeling, absorb the vistas of God's palette. Cold mountains, gentle seaside forests, an ivory-white mansion on the sheerest edge of an oceanside cliff. Feel the glory of nature that stretches across human understanding. Know the limitless horizons of creation's grandest works. Sit outside, lounging sleepily with a book, forget all obligations on a summer's morning, and see. Feel. Hear. Touch. Know that evanescent beauty is yet a marker of eternity in the briefness of our lives.

Drown in the vast ocean of the imagination, and admire the human mind.

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